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1 month to start

14 AUG 2017 20:23
1 month (+ 2 days) to start - some mixed news about UTMB, the The Swedish 100 miles challenge and more
  • Uppdaterad: 14 AUG 2017 20:26

UTMB qualifying race

As in previous years Black River Run is qualifying race for the UTBM races. Completing 100 miles will give 4 points and 50 miles will earn you 3 points. Check all about UTMB at their web. All about this years races, that are just about to start and how you do the registration for their races next year or the years to come. Entering the UTMB races is a long term comitment, both to get the training and experince and to get a slot at the start line.

The Swedish 100 miles Challenge

In the GAX race a month ago a record numer of 5 runners completed the challenge and are about to get their well earned vests. Congratulations to Anders Hellner, Anders Norén, Johan Svahn, Marcus Davidsson and Lars Hagstedt, with your acheivement a total of 23 runners have now completed this challenge. At Black River Run we'll hopefylly reach the 25 mark, check the updated statistics.

If you haven't seen the information before, Kullamannen Ultra will be the new winter race in the challenge since there will be no Arctic Ultra this winter. Kullamannen is in early November, get your registration done quickly if you would like to start there as part of your challenge.

Need information for the race?

If you have questions and need information alreday now for the race, check out the FAQ page (in Swedish only) and the Race Info (both English and Swedish) from last year, it will be much the same this year. Updated Race Info will be made about two weeks prior to the race.

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