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Results 2016

20 SEP 2016 05:54
Official results from Black River Run 2016. In perfect weather conditions many of you managed to complete the challenge you started out on.
  • Uppdaterad: 14 SEP 2017 21:02

Totaly 122 starting with 106 completing a distance


100 miles

48 started 33 completed and 6 completed at least 50miles


50 miles

39 started 33 completed


20 miles

22 started 21 completed



13 started 13 completed

Time in depot between the laps

Dig in to the numbers, here you'll realise how much time you were hanging around between the laps to refill with energy, taking care of your aching body or just spending the time chating, trying to avoid another tough lap a few more minutes.
Depot time in pdf format and xls format

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