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The Swedish 100 miles Challenge

24 JAN 2015 15:22
Now the time has come for the first endurance athletes to achieve the Grand Slam of the The Swedish 100 miles Challenge
  • Uppdaterad: 14 SEP 2017 20:55

The last weekend of January the runners will spend a long, dark and cold night in the depth of the Swedish winter in Arvika. 7 of them have the chance to be the first to reach the Grand Slam of The Swedish 100 miles challenge, will they make it?

Running 100 miles is a long run, doing it in the depth of the winter night is a serious challenge. How serious depends on the snow, the temperatures and the wind that they will face. In a few days we'll know what they have to be up to.

Read more here about the challange and who has already reached the Silver or Gold levels.

Skribent: Bo Johansson

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